Our mission

We’d like this website to serve as an information hub that raises awareness of the negative socio-economic impact of left-behind children on the rest of the world, and to advocate for additional support for left-behind children globally, their teachers and migrant worker parents.

What we do

  • Share information (news, research, media resources, etc.) on left-behind children via our social media and this website

  • Provide guidance to the public on how to support the cause by promoting non-profits dedicated to left-behind children and brokering partnerships

  • Generate more dialogue on the impact of this issue and inspire more individuals to explore how to address it via community events and the media

  • Connect like-minded individuals and organizations to make a difference

Our vision

  • Dramatically increased support (financial, non-financial, scope) for left-behind children, their teachers and migrant worker parents from individuals and organizations who care about this issue

  • More left-behind children get to grow up knowing that they are cared for by the rest of the world

  • Fewer left-behind children in China

  • More migrant workers will be engaged with the psychological development of their children, which will improve the worker’s performance on the factory floor

  • Increased specialized training for teachers of left-behind children


Banner photo credit: XYJE Photography