Our Team

Meet our team members! Fewer Left Behind is currently located in Vancouver, BC.


Iris Cai

Iris moved to Vancouver from Shantou, China in 2002. A former marketer, Iris is now a life and career coach and works with University of British Columbia’s MBA Program. Having years of experience organizing community events, Iris is especially passionate about using arts and culture to bring awareness and action to disadvantaged children’s education. Connect with Iris on LinkedIn.

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Cécile Bussy

Coming from Africa, Cecile deeply cares about human development, especially child security and education. Interested in Chinese civilization since her your age, she moved to Vancouver to study Asian Language and Culture at the University of British Columbia. Enthusiastic and self-driven, she hopes to strengthen global cooperation through the cross-cultural communication of international journalism. 

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Claire Ruofan Ping

Claire is Chinese-Canadian and has lived in Vancouver since 2005. Currently studying International Relations and Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, she is interested in internal migration issues in China. With a deep passion for documentary art, Claire hopes to encourage social engagement and awareness through the creative channels of film and photography.


We are also grateful for the early supporters of our endeavour: Tim Lu, Ervin Ong, Ellena Ho, and individuals from these organizations who have contributed their insights on this subject during our research stage: OneSky (Half the Sky), Happy Family Charity Foundation(幸福家庭公益基金), Film Workshop of Mian Hua Sha (棉花沙影像工作室) and Save the Children China.